Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cologne vs. Koln

So as you might have already guessed I went to Cologne on Saturday (Yesterday). It was about a two hour drive and both of my host sisters and myself fell asleep in the car on the ride there, AND the ride back.

We set off at 8 sharp in the morning and after about an hour were on the autobon. We were going 130 km/h and I was having a small heart attack as we dodged cars. I have a picture to prove it. After a while I was finally able to relax, my host family thought it was hilarious. I did not agree.

Cologne was hot. The parking garage under the city stretched on for over a mile, it was crazy. We first got on what they all called a 'bimble-bong'? I have no idea, it's one of those little trains all the tourists take that shows you the city. We got off at the Dome, which is so beautiful. Inside was even more beautiful. I lit a candle for my grandfather, and my father. Ironic isn't it? In some sort of twisted way.

We went down into the treasury and say all the really old statues, cup things, and the scepters the pope had. It was pretty cool, but we couldn't take pictures which was irritating because the elevator was really cool.

Then we went shopping. I swear to god it was like being in NYC. The street stretched forever, and shops lined the sides of this really narrow little street. Stores I've never heard of,  to H&M we went in almost every single one of them.

For lunch we went to Micky D's and boy was it different. First of all it was packed, and I mean packed like you had to scope out who was leaving and time it perfectly to get a seat. We got a booth thanks to Lena's keen eye and speed walking. It tasted so much better than in the US, or maybe that was just me embracing American fast food...I'm not sure. Either way I got a special edition Olympic glass Coca Cola cup out of it, which I will be sending home to my mom soon...ish.

After that we walked around some more did a little more shopping and the like. I bought a Berliner (which is a little doughnut like thing with marmalade in the center and it's COVERED in sugar, and I order it all in german. I was very happy, the guy behind the counter was really kind of done with me after I said the first word. hahahah it was amusing though.

After that little snack we headed over to a costume shop, of course, and I'm pretty sure we spent and hour and a half inside hahahah. Anyone who knows me, is aware that this is not unusual.

After that we made our final destination the chocolate museum, which I have to say was a bit disappointing. I was expecting to be able to eat more chocolate. You didn't get to.  But it was still cool.

The ride back was long as well and in the car we were all exhausted and beyond. All in all it was a fantastic day.    :)

Oh an by the way. Over six hours of shopping in Cologne, I bought 2 things. And they were both from the costume store!

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  1. Duplo! I remember that from my Europe days! Aahh fond memory. And finally! The cute shoes. I even saw them on in the pictures of the Dome. Are they easier to walk all day in than the converse? And order something in German, you're on your way baby! I'm so proud of you for stepping right in. This is all a story you can tell one day, remember me saying that when you were 9? And guess what, you tell that great story, this is another one for the story bag, and I love to hear your stories! Are you recording this other than in the blog so you can write a book about this? It's good stuff, especially when your family thinks your funny! :)

    1. *facepalm* thank you mom, for reminding me.
      Hahahha no by the time we got to the chocolate museum my feet were numb with pain and I was positive they were bleeding. Turns out A, they weren't, and B, those boots were not made for cobblestones. But hey I didn't break my ankle and I didn't fall so I'd call it good. :)

      Not at the moment, right now it's just my blog and emails back and forth with you. I'm going to start video logs at my next family.

      Yes mom, we all know the story of how you forced your crying 9 year old daughter onto Space Mountain. We've all heard the story hahahahah XP

      - H

  2. Did you climb to the top of the Kolner Dom? I did that back in 1986. It was downright scary but an amazing view. I have memories of hanging on to the little Oh My God handle in the car when we were on the autobahn - I am actually a little surprised that they still drive that fast. There was a "green" movement when I was there to slow down and save gas. We witnessed a 150 car pile up one day.
    I was homesick (after only 2 weeks) when I visited the Dom, and when my BF at the time ordered a beer at McDonald's it made me cry - like even the stupid Mac and Don's is weird. The other thing that got to me was the lack of access to public restrooms.
    You have eaten the famous jelly donut from a JFK speech legend. When JFK was visiting Germany, in his speech he greeted the Germans in their own language by saying Ich bin ein Berliner! From Wikidpedia: There is a misconception that Kennedy made a risible error by saying Ich bin ein Berliner (emphasis added): the claim is made that Kennedy referred to himself not as a "citizen of Berlin", but as a "jelly donut" (US) or "jam doughnut" (UK), known in parts of Germany as a "Berliner".[8][9] Kennedy should, supposedly, have said Ich bin Berliner to mean "I am a person from Berlin", and so adding the indefinite article ein to his statement implied he was a non-human Berliner, thus, "I am a jelly doughnut".[10] However, while the indefinite article ein is omitted when speaking of an individual's profession or residence, it is still necessary when speaking in a figurative sense as Kennedy did. Since the president was not literally from Berlin but only declaring his solidarity with its citizens, "Ich bin Berliner" would not have been appropriate.
    A. Joan

    1. No I didn't, I didn't even know you could. :P
      Oh yeah, the whole ride I was like hyperventilating o_o

      Yeah, for me it was about a week, when I couldn't understand anything the bus drive was saying to me, and he didn't speak english. Yeah, the whole paying to pee thing isn't really working for me, luckily I haven't had to yet.

      That's hilarious hahahahah Would would have thought hahahah XD

      - H