Monday, July 30, 2012


Einkaufen = Shopping 

First off Mom I made a fantastic discovery, too bad Grandpa isn't around to hear it he'd get a kick out of it. They have Aldi's in Germany :)

Now back to the real story! Me, my host mother Anja, and my two host sisters, Lena and Dana piled into the car (which i have yet to get a photo of) and drove two towns over to a bigger one in the area. There we first stopped at what I can only can the German equivalent to Walgreens. They had Axe! hahaha Lena had seen my Axe deodorant and then made a point of, very enthusiastically, pointing out every single Axe product they carried at the store hahah it was all good fun. They only use spray deodorant here! How strangely different! First store, I didn't buy anything.

After this little adventure we went to the store next door which was a clothing store. We walked in and guess what song is playing! Call Me Maybe hahah I had a good laugh over that. Every song that played while I was in that store was American pop music. 

Anyway we hung out there for a while I found a bag, which I will add pictures of later to my gallery post, I have several. I also found a gift for my mom but I won't be adding a picture of that it would ruin the surprise! :)

Next we went to the last store of the little shopping area we were in which was a shoe store. Well long behold I broke down and bought a pair of the cutest shoes I have ever seen. I have no freakin' idea how I'm going to get them into my suitcase...

Dinner was pizza, and a movie, Aurthur Und Die Minimoys (German edition so the voice was Bill Kaulitz) My whole family thought it was hilarious that I was so excited to watch it. 

- Day 2 end -

Sunday started with a start as I realized that I, like an idiot, set my alarm but forgot to turn it on *facepalm* I woke up way too late to take a shower like I had originally planned which sucked, but I didn't miss breakfast! Which was 1 large grapefruit, sans sugar, and a cup of black tea. Yummmi!!

At 11 we all piled into the car and drove for twenty minutes to a town I still don't know the name of. There we parked and walked for a little bit to a station with the little enclosed chairlift things. We took those up the 'mountain' and at the top got off and walked over to this huge statue, don't worry I have pictures. Then for half an hour we walked around to the next station which was chair lifts back down the mountain on the other side. At the bottom you got on the boat which took you over to the castle, Rheinstein Castle, a medieval castle. I bought a little sword :)

We walked up the huge hill to the door and almost right after we got inside my camera died so you'll have to google it if you're interested. Then we got back on the boat and headed back up the river, passing three or four castles and walked up this super famous street that starts with a D. It's more like a narrow alley FILLED with people, shoppes lining both sides, and live music everywhere. It was so cool I wish my camera had still been alive!!

After finding the car again we drove to the second down over from Oberwallenmach and got ice cream, it was like going to a five star restaurant. It look like something you would get at one, but it was super cheap! I got some sort of kiwi sunday thing, I don't even know. I'm so full from it.

Tomorrow I start my language course and I get to ride the bus for the first time by myself ever. Should be interesting seeing as I have absolutely no idea where I'm supposed to get off hahahah

For now I leave you my gallery to be added as soon as it uploads!

Blatant Tourist

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Recent Discoveries

1. They only use spray deodorant here
2. They have Aldi
3. Just because I wear size nine does not mean I should measure the American size 9 to the German sizes on the little chart. Shoe sizes are vastly different
4. Clothing sizes are different
5. No matter how much I think I understand the clothing sizes I will be always wrong
6. Ice cream is very different here
7. They have patches!
8. I have no idea how to operate a shower
9. I'm so awkward!!!
10. When the cashier asks you a question in German giving him a blank look doesn't get you anywhere. You have to say 'American' along with the blank look.
11. Water has bubbles now
12. Everybody speaks German; I do not.
13. When you don't talk for a long time from lack of any language knowledge your voice cracks awkwardly when you do say something.
14. I'm no longer afraid of heights
15. They drive REALLY fast
16. Converse are NOT walking shoes
17. The speedometer does not measure in miles, it measures in kilo...somethings

That's all for now

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mayhem; Airport eddition

Let me tell you that when you're jet lagged from a flight to DC and you never get the time to recover, well you don't recover very quickly. Tuesday was a very long day in DC that consisted of mostly meetings and speeches, not very interesting.

On Tuesday, the hottest day in history, we all walked around The Mall in DC all the way from the Smithsonian, museum of Natural history down to the Lincoln memorial, which is an incredibly long walk when the humidity is 99.9% and it's 92 degrees outside. It was pretty cool though, I got a bunch of pictures of ducks at the WW2 memorial.

We got to Dulles airport around noon on Friday, after being at the Smithsonian, and waited for the check in stations to open for over an hour. Finally we all got our bags checked, I only checked one bag at the check in and it weight 22.6 kilos, you're overweight if it's 23 kilos. I did a victory dance along with almost everyone else in the same boat.

We bypassed the long security line, but I did have to go through the radiation scanner, which gave me a splitting migraine that I did not enjoy. I ended up getting a pesto panini which was amazing, then had to gate check one of my carry-ons, which thank god, was free.

First time ever on an international flight and I almost had a panic attack when I saw my seat. YFU bought our tickets and so of course they picked the cheapest ones. We were all spread out in the very middle section. Luckily my whole row of 4 was YFU people, unfortunately I was stuck in the middle, and my headphone jack on my seat didn't work so I couldn't watch a movie at all. But I dealt with it alright for the most part.

My plane left DC at 3 in the afternoon on thursday. I did not get more than 20 minutes of sleep on the plane, which wasn't great. Eight hours later we landed in Frankfurt at 5 in the morning. We bypassed customs which was a relief, and then had to accompany the rest of the 19 people catching another flight, I was one of the two who didn't have to. The lady leading us around had no idea what was going on it was rather frightening.

Once we got our bags we found out we still had three hours to wait before the next flight came in and everybody else showed up. So we waited...and waited...and drank coffee...and tried to communicate with the thai students, failing pretty epically.

Once everybody was there we carted our bags, (we each had at least 2 rolling suitcases and a heavy backpack) through the airport only to find that the escalator down to the train didn't work. So we lugged our 50 lbs bags down two flights of stairs and landed in a big tangled pile at the bottom. It was entertaining to say the least. We piled ourselves onto the S train and all fell over when it started moving.

We got off at Frankfurt main train station and hung out for half an hour for the regional train that would take us to Koblenz(?), and me to wherever it is that I got off. I got off half an hour early and met three fourths of my host family. They are great! Driving back to their house was a little nerve wracking since it was a twisty little narrow road and we were (I swear) going faster than 30 mph which the little dashboard said.

Ten minutes later we pulled into the tiny little village, there's another one about two hundred yards down the road/hill hahahah I found that amusing. Dinner was good, I'll post pictures!! I've got my own room and bathroom which is really nice. My family is great! :)

Shopping tomorrow!!

Another new thought, they drink soda water here, like instead of's so strange.

Jet Lagged Teen

check out my gallery! (in the process of creating and uploading)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

D.C. Adventures

I'm right now laying on my top bunk in the 4-H youth conference center, where I will be residing until Thursday afternoon at 3.

First time ever flying alone on a plane? Pretty well! From Minneapolis to Lansing Michigan was by far the bumpiest, granted we were trying to out run a storm, but still. From Lansing to DC I managed to get about ten minutes of sleep, which was quite a big deal seeing as I haven't slept for quite a few days.

At the baggage claim I ran into my friend Gabriel and he hung out with me while I got my luggage then saw me off to my shuttle which brought me to where I am now. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had lunch waiting for me.

As it turns out every other single flight was delayed a few hours. My flight was the ONLY one that got in on time, and mine was early. We are still just hanging around waiting for people to show up. So far it's me, this girl Margret, and four guys.

Tomorrow is packed! And I'm sleepy so I'm curious how this is gonna go down. I feel like I'm being antisocial sitting in my room, but at the same time I hurt because I'm so tired...well whatever I've got an eight hour flight to look forward to, plenty of time to socialize then.

Till then!

Weary Traveler

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

13 Days

Thirteen days till take off! Suitcases are almost all packed, my house is in chaos with bags and lists EVERYWHERE. The cats are starting to suspect something.

My flight's all worked out, along with my shuffle to the 4-H center. Things are getting real man! I couldn't be more excited. :)

Packing Genius