Sunday, July 29, 2012

Recent Discoveries

1. They only use spray deodorant here
2. They have Aldi
3. Just because I wear size nine does not mean I should measure the American size 9 to the German sizes on the little chart. Shoe sizes are vastly different
4. Clothing sizes are different
5. No matter how much I think I understand the clothing sizes I will be always wrong
6. Ice cream is very different here
7. They have patches!
8. I have no idea how to operate a shower
9. I'm so awkward!!!
10. When the cashier asks you a question in German giving him a blank look doesn't get you anywhere. You have to say 'American' along with the blank look.
11. Water has bubbles now
12. Everybody speaks German; I do not.
13. When you don't talk for a long time from lack of any language knowledge your voice cracks awkwardly when you do say something.
14. I'm no longer afraid of heights
15. They drive REALLY fast
16. Converse are NOT walking shoes
17. The speedometer does not measure in miles, it measures in kilo...somethings

That's all for now


  1. Ha ha, Aldi's a German company! Why no fear of heights anymore?

    1. Well I didn't know that! XP
      I had to take a cable car twice hahahah