Tuesday, July 24, 2012

D.C. Adventures

I'm right now laying on my top bunk in the 4-H youth conference center, where I will be residing until Thursday afternoon at 3.

First time ever flying alone on a plane? Pretty well! From Minneapolis to Lansing Michigan was by far the bumpiest, granted we were trying to out run a storm, but still. From Lansing to DC I managed to get about ten minutes of sleep, which was quite a big deal seeing as I haven't slept for quite a few days.

At the baggage claim I ran into my friend Gabriel and he hung out with me while I got my luggage then saw me off to my shuttle which brought me to where I am now. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had lunch waiting for me.

As it turns out every other single flight was delayed a few hours. My flight was the ONLY one that got in on time, and mine was early. We are still just hanging around waiting for people to show up. So far it's me, this girl Margret, and four guys.

Tomorrow is packed! And I'm sleepy so I'm curious how this is gonna go down. I feel like I'm being antisocial sitting in my room, but at the same time I hurt because I'm so tired...well whatever I've got an eight hour flight to look forward to, plenty of time to socialize then.

Till then!

Weary Traveler


  1. Minneapolis to Lansing? to DC? Oh travel plans...how little sense you make. Hope you don't have to make the airports your home too often.

  2. What can I say? Sun Country is ridiculous :P
    Yeah hahah well tomorrow I take off at around 3 in the afternoon so after that I'll be free of airports minus the landing in Frankfurt

  3. Here's the beautiful thing, everyone else who flew out of MN had to fly thru Atlanta, GA then on to D.C. They paid more for their flight, more than doubled the travel time, and were even late because of the storms! Did they happen to loose their luggage in the transit? Not worth the risk. And they did this for free baggage check and to get to the appointed airport in D.C. for YFU to pick them up, which put them twice as far from the 4H center than National where Andy/Heather flew into. Moral of the story, it pays to be different and think different, even if it means traveling alone and being apprehensive (either as the traveler or her mom)
    And thanks to Gabriel for being such a great friend and a familiar face at the end of a first solo flight. It helped both Andy/Heather and me!