Monday, July 30, 2012


Einkaufen = Shopping 

First off Mom I made a fantastic discovery, too bad Grandpa isn't around to hear it he'd get a kick out of it. They have Aldi's in Germany :)

Now back to the real story! Me, my host mother Anja, and my two host sisters, Lena and Dana piled into the car (which i have yet to get a photo of) and drove two towns over to a bigger one in the area. There we first stopped at what I can only can the German equivalent to Walgreens. They had Axe! hahaha Lena had seen my Axe deodorant and then made a point of, very enthusiastically, pointing out every single Axe product they carried at the store hahah it was all good fun. They only use spray deodorant here! How strangely different! First store, I didn't buy anything.

After this little adventure we went to the store next door which was a clothing store. We walked in and guess what song is playing! Call Me Maybe hahah I had a good laugh over that. Every song that played while I was in that store was American pop music. 

Anyway we hung out there for a while I found a bag, which I will add pictures of later to my gallery post, I have several. I also found a gift for my mom but I won't be adding a picture of that it would ruin the surprise! :)

Next we went to the last store of the little shopping area we were in which was a shoe store. Well long behold I broke down and bought a pair of the cutest shoes I have ever seen. I have no freakin' idea how I'm going to get them into my suitcase...

Dinner was pizza, and a movie, Aurthur Und Die Minimoys (German edition so the voice was Bill Kaulitz) My whole family thought it was hilarious that I was so excited to watch it. 

- Day 2 end -

Sunday started with a start as I realized that I, like an idiot, set my alarm but forgot to turn it on *facepalm* I woke up way too late to take a shower like I had originally planned which sucked, but I didn't miss breakfast! Which was 1 large grapefruit, sans sugar, and a cup of black tea. Yummmi!!

At 11 we all piled into the car and drove for twenty minutes to a town I still don't know the name of. There we parked and walked for a little bit to a station with the little enclosed chairlift things. We took those up the 'mountain' and at the top got off and walked over to this huge statue, don't worry I have pictures. Then for half an hour we walked around to the next station which was chair lifts back down the mountain on the other side. At the bottom you got on the boat which took you over to the castle, Rheinstein Castle, a medieval castle. I bought a little sword :)

We walked up the huge hill to the door and almost right after we got inside my camera died so you'll have to google it if you're interested. Then we got back on the boat and headed back up the river, passing three or four castles and walked up this super famous street that starts with a D. It's more like a narrow alley FILLED with people, shoppes lining both sides, and live music everywhere. It was so cool I wish my camera had still been alive!!

After finding the car again we drove to the second down over from Oberwallenmach and got ice cream, it was like going to a five star restaurant. It look like something you would get at one, but it was super cheap! I got some sort of kiwi sunday thing, I don't even know. I'm so full from it.

Tomorrow I start my language course and I get to ride the bus for the first time by myself ever. Should be interesting seeing as I have absolutely no idea where I'm supposed to get off hahahah

For now I leave you my gallery to be added as soon as it uploads!

Blatant Tourist

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