Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Placement time!

Ah here we are! I've got about a month till I leave and I haven't even started packing yet, if you know me then you know what a chore packing is. If you don't then I'm sure you'll get to read all about it in a later post.

I got a letter in the mail a couple days ago which contained my permanent placement for the year. I was shaking like a leaf when I opened it, it was terrible. Turns out I'm going to be living on an island right across the sea from Denmark! How exciting! The town I'm in is Fehmarn and from the little blip about it on Google it's got a population of something around 12,00 I think, I can't remember for sure though, but it was big. This is totally different from my first host family since they live between the Rhine river and Frankfurt much further south, in Oberwallenmach. I'm gonna live on the coast! This will be pretty awesome because I've never seen the ocean before, except where it meets Puget Sound in Seattle.

My permanent host family consists of my host mother, who is a dance instructor, my host father who is a sales manager, my host sister who's 15, and my host brother who's 14. Again I'll be the oldest, this certainly will be different for me, an only child. I'm so excited to meet them!!

I'm getting a little better at the language thanks to Rosetta stone, and the little yellow post-its adorning my entire house.

I had a huge realization a couple days ago, one I should have had quite a while ago. I'm going to Germany, and I leave in a month. I bet you have no idea all the things you would do to prepare for a year abroad. Unfortunately, neither do I, which has lead to many long arguments and conversations about what I will, and won't need. I've been in freak out mode since about last Thursday.

I've got faith that I'll put it together before I leave, after all I have to prepare to meet our congress.

I'll leave you for now with a map of my two host family's locations. 'A' is my temporary host family, and 'B' is my permanent host family where I will spend the year.

Work Traveler Soon To Be

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